18 new purpose-built Software Technology Parks to be established by December 2022

Software technology parks are the hub of software development where great minds bring their projects and work on it. Software Technology parks are established to increase the software exports of the country. By the end of December 2022, the Ministry of Information Technology hopes to have established 18 more software technology parks, bringing the total number of technology parks to 40.

Pakistan to have 40 Software technology parks by December 2022.

According to a senior official from the Ministry of Information Technology, the ministry plans to build 18 more Software Technology Parks to give space, related amenities, and services to IT enterprises. He explained that the facility is part of the government’s plan to expand IT zones and software parks, as well as create purpose-built software technology parks in the country’s major cities.

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These IT zones, software and technology parks will assist encourage efficient and cost-effective collaboration, digitalization, R&D entrepreneurship, and innovation to fulfill the needs of the current day.

He said that Pakistani IT firms served over 120 nations and provided services to international institutions. He stated that Pakistan’s IT industry is fast developing, and that IT exports are expanding as well. “The setting up of IT parks will not only give a fresh impetus to the IT sector, but it will also provide job opportunities for the people,” he added.

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