22.12 million mobile phones were “Made in Pakistan” while imports stayed at 9.95 million in 2021 (January till November).

Local manufacturing companies produced 22.12 million mobile phones between January and November 2021, while imports stayed at 9.95 million. In 2020, 13.05 million locally manufactured mobile phones were sold, compared to 24.51 million imported.

Xiaomi Mobiles to manufactured in Pakistan. PTA grants license to Select Technologies

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s new device registration system, Device Identification Registration and Blocking system (DIRBS) have made it easier for the local made mobile phones to compete in the market. “Made in Pakistan” phones are increasing and it is good for the economy.

Local manufacturing plants produced 9.03 million smartphones between January and November 2021, while the number of 2G mobile phones remained at 13.09 million. In 2021, the comparison to 2G sets has grown compared to 2020.

Pakistan manufactured 12.27 million mobile phones during 2021 so far

The number of domestically made 2G phones remained at 10.98 million in 2020, compared to 2.06 million smartphones; similarly, the number of locally constructed smartphones was 0.12 million in 2019, compared to 11.62 million 2G phones.

Xiaomi, a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, announced a deal with Airlink Communication in November 2021 to begin manufacturing smartphones in Pakistan. The company plans to begin production in the first quarter of 2022, with a production capacity of 2.5 to 3 million handsets per year.

Best Upcoming Smartphones in January 2022 in Pakistan

China’s Itel, VGO TEL, Infinix, Vivo, Tecno, QQMEE, and Oppo are among the top 10 locally assembling/manufacturing brands; the remaining three firms largely assemble parts imported from China.

Itel produced 3.91 million mobile handsets between January and November 2021, VGO Tel 2.97 million, Infinix 2.65 million, Vivo 2.45 million, Techno 1.87 million, QQMEE 0.86 million, and Oppo 0.67 million. Inovi Telecom exported ‘Made in Pakistan’ 4G smartphones to the Middle East for the first time in August 2021. It marked the start of the ‘Made in Pakistan’ mobile device exports.

Why is Nokia 3.4 the bestseller smartphone in Pakistan?

Experts predict that by 2022, more than 90% of cellphones sold in Pakistan will be ‘Made in Pakistan,’ and Pakistan will quickly become a significant cellphone exporter.

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