60 feet-long, 500 tonne iron bridge stolen in India in broad day light

iron bridge

Pulling off an unlikely heist by pretending to be irrigation officials, a gang of crafty scrap metal thieves dismantled and stole 60 feet-long, 500 tonne iron bridge in eastern India.

On April 5, thieves impersonating department officials stole the 500-tonne iron bridge.
On Sunday, a Bihar Water Resources Department official and seven others were arrested in connection with the theft of a 60-foot-long iron bridge in Rohtas district.

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According to police, Radhe Shyam Singh, an assistant engineer with the Water Resources Department posted in Nasriganj, and seven others were arrested in connection with the bridge theft at Amiyawar village in the Rohtas district’s Nasriganj police station.

“We have arrested eight persons including an SDO officer of the water resources department in connection with the theft of the bridge. The thieves stole the bridge in connivance with the SDO. We have recovered one JCB, stolen iron channels weighing about 247 kgs and other material,” Ashish Bharti, Rohtas SP said.

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The 500-tonne iron bridge, built in 1976 in Amiyawar village, about 40 kilometers from district headquarters Sasaram, was stolen on April 5 by thieves posing as department officials and using heavy machinery such as JCB machines, pick-up vans, cylinders, and gas cutters to dismantle and transport the bridge.

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When the villages questioned their credentials after the bridge vanished, they informed local department officials, who filed a FIR (No: 45/ 2022) at Nasriganj police station on April 6.

After a parallel concrete bridge was built 150 feet away from it about 15 years ago, the bridge was declared abandoned five years ago.

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