According to StatCounter only 6% of Pakistanis have an iPhone

Pakistanis have an iPhone

Only 6 percent of Pakistanis have an iPhone and 93 percent of smartphone users have an Android device, according to StatCounter, an online counter that records global statistics.

A report by web analytics firm StatCounter is out and it says that only 6.04% of smartphones in Pakistan are iOS devices. Unsurprisingly 93.13% of smartphone users use Android phones. The remaining 0.83% is made up of lesser-known operating systems on feature phones such as Nokia, KaiOS, and Series 40.

Pakistan is a developing country of around 220 million population with a sizable population of middle and lower financial classes. Apple known for its best hardware and software is also famous for its price. The price range of Apple products is only feasible for the higher financial class.

Android phones are manufactured by a variety of businesses with cheap R&D expenses, resulting in reduced prices. The reasons for the low apple iPhone market share in Pakistan are:

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Reasons for fewer apple iPhone users in Pakistan:


Apple products are, as we all know, quite pricey. The Android smartphones can start from around Rs. 10,000 and goes up to 350000 and there is a new option available with every price increase of 10,000.

On the other side, iPhone devices start from around 250,000 and go up to 350,000 which is already out of range for the majority of Pakistanis.


Android OS is more configurable than iOS: Another reason contributing to iOS’s low unit share is the availability of more customizable options in Android OS. Furthermore, the latter is simpler to use and may be customized according to your preferences.

A number of students and developers are working on applications development, android development can be done on affordable laptops and android smartphones. For apple development that’s not the case. For iOs development, a developer needs to have a Mac iOs which is only available for Apple laptops and PCs making it expensive for most developers.

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Options limitations

Pakistan is a country of different financial classes so it also requires smartphones for each class. The variety of companies manufacturing android phones gives a normal user the option to select a smartphone based on his/ her requirements and price range. Android phones give this option to select a smartphone.

Xiaomi, Realme, and Vivo have recently started smartphones assembled in Pakistan while a number of smartphones from different brands are imported every year. On one side we have only apple making smartphones while in competition we have many companies making Android giving a diversity.

Unofficial availability in the local market

iPhone devices are all imported to Pakistan and there is no official apple store which makes it difficult for Pakistanis to trust the local supplier or the local distributor. Also, if apple is imported by a distributor, a certain profit is kept by them which makes the price even higher than any of the Android smartphones.

Alert! Check new prices before deciding to buy a phone as taxes are yet again increased

High taxes on the luxury items (smartphones)

The Pakistan government is charging high taxes for bringing smartphones to Pakistan under DIRBS (Device identification, registration and blocking system). The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority imposes an import tax on mobile phones, which adds to the cost (PTA). For example, the new iPhone 13’s base model with PTA tax starts at roughly PKR 220,000/-. For ordinary people, that’s a lot. As a result, one of the key reasons for the limited market share of iOS devices is the high cost.


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