AirSial ready for international flights, two more Airbus A320 added to its fleet

AirSial have added 2 more airbus A320 to its fleet and is now is ready to begin operating internationally from Pakistan to different countries after it got license for international operations.

The Civil Aviation Authority granted AirSial a license to begin operating international flights. New airline AirSial, which has been given approval to begin operations in Pakistan, has won plaudits for both the quality of its services and its competitive pricing.

Pakistan’s AirSial granted license to start International operations

The Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry established AirSial to facilitate travel to and from Sialkot, a significant industrial city in Punjab.

180-seater A320-200 aircraft are being purchased by the airline on a dry lease for 6–8 years, according to the specifics. The fleet size of the private airline will be enlarged to 5 after the arrival of the two aircraft.

BOC Aviation, a global provider of aircraft operating leasing, will lease the aircraft.

The aircraft’s redesign and development are currently in their final stages. Depending on the regulator’s clearance from various authorities, the planes are scheduled to arrive in Pakistan between September 10 and 15.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) recently gave the airline run by Sialkot businessmen permission to start flying on foreign routes, mostly to Muslim nations such the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and Iraq.

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