Amjad Saqib, the Pakistani microfinance pioneer nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 2022

Amjad Saqib

Pakistani philanthropist, microfinance pioneer and founder of Akhuwat Dr. Amjad Saqib has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The microfinance pioneer was also the recipient of Asia’s equivalent to the Nobel Prize, the Magsaysay Award, in 2021 for his humanitarian work in poverty alleviation.

For the Nobel Peace Prize for 2022, 343 candidates from around the world — 251 individuals and 92 organisations — have been nominated.

Dr Muhammad Amjad Saqib is the founder and Executive Director of Akhuwat, the world’s largest Islamic microfinance organisation.

Commenting on the development, Dr Amjad said: “My services are beyond such awards and they are purely for the sake of Allah.”

Who is Muhammad Amjad Saqib?

Muhammad Amjad Saqib is a Pakistani social entrepreneur, development worker, former civil servant and author. He is the founder and executive director of the Akhuwat Foundation, the world’s largest Islamic microfinance organisation, which provides interest-free loans to the neediest populations.

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Since its inception in 2001, the organisation has disbursed over Rs 140 billion in interest-free loans, helping over 3 million families across Pakistan. Akhuwat has 800+ branches in over 350 cities across Pakistan.

Akhuwat takes a multi-dimensional approach to poverty alleviation and has launched several other projects, including Pakistan’s first tuition-free university – Akhuwat College University – which is open to talented students from across Pakistan who could not otherwise afford higher education. Akhuwat Education Services has a network of over 300 schools which is providing education to more than 47,000 students.

Amjad Saqib is known for his work in social mobilisation, poverty alleviation, microfinance and education management. He is the author of nine books, including Akhuwat ka Safar and Molu Musali, which describe his journey to establish Akhuwat, and writes regular columns in various Pakistani newspapers. He has received several national and international awards, including Sitara-e-Imtiaz, a coveted civilian award of Pakistan.

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