Apple Airpods 3 are here: All info on price, design & specifications

Apple has introduced the third generation of Airpods (Airpods 3). We provide all important information about design, specifications and the most important, Price in Pakistan.

Apple finally unveiled a new generation of Airpods (Apple Airpods 3) today: the third-generation Airpods. Here is everything you need to know about the new Bluetooth headphones.

As you might expect, the design of the new Airpods is a mix of Airpods Pro and second-generation Airpods. What this means is that the new headphones won’t be mistaken for cotton swabs too quickly, as the stem has become much shorter, just like the Pro models. The headphones feature “the same intuitive force sensor as the Airpods Pro for media control,” according to Apple. However, Apple is relying on a plastic-only case, so some Pro features won’t carry over to the third generation.

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Also a shame, Apple proved that more and more products are coming in bright colors with the new Homepod Mini models at today’s keynote. However, the new Airpods are still only available in traditional white.

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Apple says the new Airpods have great sound quality, “starting with a dedicated driver and wide dynamic range amplifier that work together to produce powerful bass and crisp, clean highs.” But it’s not just the sound quality that’s said to have improved; the same is probably true for the microphone quality. To reduce wind noise, Apple has covered the microphone with “an acoustic fabric mesh. “The Airpods also feature AAC-ELD, a superior voice codec that provides full HD voice quality and enables clear, natural communication during Facetime calls,” Apple promises.

But back to music, the third-generation Airpods now also feature adaptive EQ and 3D audio with dynamic head tracking. Adaptive EQ adjusts the sound in real time to fit the Airpods in the ear, while 3D Audio creates a three-dimensional sound image. Of course, Dolby Atmos is also on board.

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Unfortunately, the Airpods also have to do without a popular feature: active noise cancellation. This feature is still reserved for the Pro models.

In return, Apple has tweaked the battery runtimes a bit: Compared to the previous generations, the third generation gets an extra hour of battery life with up to six hours of playback and up to four hours of talk time. “With just five minutes of charging, you get about an hour of battery life, and with four more charges in the case, you can listen for up to 30 hours total,” Apple says. The Airpods are now also part of the Magsafe ecosystem. Meaning: You can inductively charge the headphones via the case, including via the new Magsafe charging cables.

Prices and availability:
Airpods 3 is available for 179 USD which will be equal to around PKR. 30000 making it a good competitor against different earbuds from Sony, Samsung and Beats etc.

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