Assassination attack on Imran Khan exposes Police’s non-professionalism

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After being injured in the leg at a rally in Wazirabad city of Punjab , former prime minister Imran Khan is receiving surgery to remove bullet fragments. His condition is stable as he is admitted in the Hospital for necessary treatment.

Initially, a Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party spokesman for Khan said that there were two shooters present.

According to officials, at least one witness was slain in the firing. The incident has been denounced by the government, and an investigation has been requested.

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan shot in foot in gun attack, shifted to hospital

In order to seek early elections, the former premier was spearheading a march on Islamabad. Many of Khan’s fans have protested in the streets of Karachi and Islamabad, and the march is being encouraged to continue by Khan’s party officials.

As the incident shocks the entire country and raises questions on the security of the former Prime Minister Imran Khan, the incidence exposes the behaviour of Punjab Police as extremely non-professional. Non-professional behaviour is shown in different areas

Who was responsible for the Security of Imran Khan’s protest?

Imran Khan is leading a March and asking for early elections and is saying the he was ousted in a result of Regime change operation. The most important question is, Punjab Government is lead by Imran Khan’s alliance but still the security was not up to the mark for an ex-Prime Minister.

Why was the area not protected and the assassin/ assassins were so close to the vehicle of Former Prime Minister Imran Khan?

As soon as the incident happened, any professional security force would have secured the area for investigation purpose. The security forces have made a mistake of not securing the area after Benazir Bhutto Assassination and now after a decade Imran Khan was under attack. The security forces did not take and evidence from the area and the area was left completely open for public and media.

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Why was the incident not handled professionally?

After the incident happened, Imran Khan personal security made the area secure and took Imran Khan to safe zone, Where was the Punjab Police and why were they not trained enough for such emergency situation? The question is important as such incidents happened in the Past and have killed former Prime Ministers Liaquat Ali Khan and also Benazir Bhutto.

Was was the area not secured for investigation?

Soon after the incident occurred and Imran Khan was taken to the Hospital, the Punjab Police did not make the area secure for investigation and no evidence was collected. Imran Khan was taken to hospital in his own car and now one bothered to secure the scene.

Why was video of the Alleged assassin released within Minutes?

It was unexpected that the alleged assassin was shown on TV channels within minutes of the incident, saying that he attempted the assassination because of a religious belief. Without completing the investigation process, the alleged assassin was presented to public in a video while he accepts that he did and attempt to assassin as he had hatred for Imran Khan regarding religious perspective.

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