Bestseller’s Jack & Jones denim brand will be first to use game-changing Pakistani cotton

Jack Jones cotton

With its Jack & Jones is planning to use organic cotton from Pakistan. The brand and vertically integrated denim fabric and garment producer Artistic Milliners, Bestseller claims to be making history.

It will use Organic Cotton from Pakistan starting from their upcoming denim collection in December 2022. The project is called in-conversion cotton which will not only use organic cotton but will also improve the the lifestyle of 2000 farmers.

The first harvests from the Milliner Organic Project’s organic farms in Kohlu, Balochistan, have been harvested and have passed the Control Union’s requirements to be certified as in-conversion cotton, which means it is in the process of becoming organic.

Pakistan’s Textile Exports To USA increased by 50% to $15 billion, surpassing India And Bangladesh

Milliner Organic ensures farm-to-fashion traceability and employs a direct-to-farm strategy that goes beyond securing cotton supplies. According to the plan, farmer training and improved livelihoods will benefit the entire community.

The goal of the initiative is to make the switch from Milliner Cotton Organic to the Organic Cotton Accelerator (OCA) Farm Engagement and Development (FED) program. The Organic Cotton Association (OCA) is a multi-stakeholder organization committed to organic cotton.

Pakistan’s Textile exports increased by 28.41% to $7.758 billion in just 5 months.

Jack & Jones claims to have been involved in the Pakistani project since its inception and to be funding it. The apparel retailer’s Jack & Jones brand will receive a portion of the cotton in exchange.

According to Jack & Jones, Artistic Milliners is Pakistan’s first private sector investor in organic cotton growing. This project now encompasses over 2,000 farmers and almost 9,300 acres of land. This harvest’s in-conversion cotton will be used in Jack & Jones’ December 2022 denim collection.

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