Boxing champ Waseem reveals PBF president demanded 20% share of income as bribe


Pakistani boxer Muhammad ‘Falcon’ Waseem who is the #1 ranked boxer in the world in the Flyweight category has made some startling revelations.

The 34-year-old revealed that he had to pay 20% of his earnings to the Pakistan Boxing Federation president who wouldn’t let him sign a contract with a Korean promoter without the bribe.

In an interview with Daily Scoop TV, Waseem said that he was forced to sign an agreement with the federation’s president in order to get the nod for his contract with Korean Promoter Andy Kim.

As per the deal, a fifth of whatever money Waseem earned, from prize money, monthly allowance or anything else, went to the federation.  

“There is fraud and deception are commonplace in all facets of life in Pakistan,” said Waseem. “When I found the Korean Promoter, he [Andy Kim] told me that he would be happy to sign contract with me and help me become a professional boxer. But he said that he wanted to have a chat first with the President of Pakistan Boxing Federation and only then could he share the contract with me.”

“When I approached the federation’s president, he asked me to sign a contract with him as well. I didn’t have any other option but to accept. I could not say no to him because then it was likely that my talent would also go to waste. So, I agreed to it and they even took my thumb impression. It happened here in Karachi,” he added.

However, the federation has rejected the allegations and have made it clear that they have no link whatsoever with the “illegal” demand of money from the boxer Mohammad Waseem.

“It is informed that the present management of the PBF which was elected on January 26, 2017, and subsequently re-elected on January 24, 2021, has no link with the illegal demand of money from Waseem,” the PBF said in a statement on Tuesday.

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