Can Pakistan make T20 World Cup 2021 the most viewed World Cup ever?

Now that Pakistan cricket have gained a long awaited victory from India in the Opening match of the T20 World Cup 2021 and a win after a thrilling match with New Zealand. Can Pakistan make it to the Final and increase viewership of the World Cup to an all time high?

Stage was set for Pakistan to rule the screens by starting with the Pakistan vs India inaugural match. Pakistan vs India is the most watched match irrespective of the format as the entire cricketing world is focused on the match. All the media houses and analysts focus on the Match making it a big event whenever possible.

Now that Pakistan have won the match convincingly the entire perception has shifted in favour of Pakistan. Pakistan is now considered the hot favourites to win against any team and make it to the Final and win the Final. 

After the recent incidents regarding NewZealand having security concerns and then England cancelling the tour claiming that it was hectic for the blazers. New Zealand and England were added to the Rivals list. The abrupt and unilateral decision by New Zealand created a wave of Anger in Pakistan as it was an important series for the Home team. Cricket analysts and former cricketers also criticised New Zealand for their decision and encouraged Pakistanis to support the National team so that the team can make it even with the New Zealand team in the T20 World Cup. Pakistan successfully won from New Zealand and the spectators are more than happy about it.  

England’s decision not to visit Pakistan increased the anger even more. THe decision by England was criticized by former cricketers and analysts as Pakistan had favoured England by visiting them for cricket series in the covid situation. Pakistan expected England to return the favor but instead England became a rival to Pakistanis making the Pakistan vs England match in the upcoming World Cup an interesting watch. 

Now that Pakistan have won from India and New Zealand in the group, both the teams are focused on the match between them. The winning team has the most chances to qualify for the next round. India have the advantage as India have been playing IPL in Dubai making them familiar with the conditions while New Zealand is hopeful because of their track record of winning against India in the World Cup matches. The match will also be interesting to watch as New Zealand won from India in the Semi Finals in the last World Cup match shattering their dream to win the title followed by New Zealand winning the World Test Championship final. 

After the New Zealand team decided to leave Pakistan based on the fake security threats, the PCB chairman and former cricketer Ramiz Raja said that Pakistan should show its response by winning from New Zealand in the T20 World Cup matches.

England followed the footsteps of New Zealand and decided not to come to Pakistan which increased anger in the viewers shown in social media making the Pakistan vs England matches in T20 World Cup another rivalry.

Matches to be watched in T20 World Cup:

Pakistan vs India    October 24th 2021 (Pakistan Won)

Pakistan vs New Zealand October 26th 2021 (Pakistan Won)

Pakistan vs Afghanistan October 29th 2021

India vs New Zealand October 31 2021

All the matches are expected to have a full house inside the stadium and millions of viewers on their television all over the world. Billions of Cricket followers are waiting for the thrillers in the upcoming T20 World Cup. 

Other interesting matches to be watched will be India vs New Zealand as New Zealand was the team to kick out of the title in the T20 World Cup 2019 when Guptil was able to Run out Dhoni in a thriller semifinal. and India will want a revenge of losing to New Zealand in the inaugural World test championship. 

England vs New Zealand will be important to watch as New Zealand lost to England after the most watched World Cup Final when New Zealand lost to England in the super over. 

Too much drama in the group from day one making the T20 World cup the most watched event in cricket history.  

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