Construction of Islamabad’s Sihala flyover project to start after Eid by FWO

Sihala flyover

Construction work on Islamabad’s much delayed Sihala flyover project on Kahuta road to begin after Eidul Fitr by Frontier Works Organization (FWO).

Capital Development Authority (CDA) have come to an agreement with FWO for the construction of Sihala Flyover and the project will be completed in 12 months. The 1800 feet flyover will be constructed over the railway line at Sihala-Kahuta road at a distance of six kilometres from Kakpul and the work on it will start soon after Eid holidays.

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Last year, the CDA awarded a Rs 770 million project to a private company, which was supposed to be completed in a year but the company backed out of the project, citing an increase in construction material costs. CDA has now awarded the contract to FWO at the same rate and terms and conditions.

In July of last year, then-Prime Minister Imran Khan broke ground on the Sihala Flyover project, as well as the Rawal Dam Interchange and Korang Bridge expansion projects.

Korang Bridge expansion and Rawal Dam interchange were also awarded to the same company.

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The Private company could not complete any of its tasks in time and now different projects are taken back from them and handed over to FWO which is the largest construction company of the country.

The Korang bridge expanstion was supposed to be completed till end of last year. The construction company was unable to complete it by December. CDA later granted a four-month extension, but it was in vain.

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The Rawal Dam Interchange project’s deadline is in October of this year, and only half of the work has been completed thus far.

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