Daewoo launches electric vans for Rawalpindi to Murree route

For the first time in Pakistan, Daewoo Express Pakistan has begun operating electric vans on the Rawalpindi-Murree route. Last year, the company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Chinese company Skywell Automobiles and the Swiss company Hitachi ABB Power Grids in a historic development.

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The vans will be imported in phase 1 but will be manufactured in Pakistan in phase 2 of the project. Details about the mini-vans can be found here.


  1. 11-Seater Minibus
  2. Multi-purpose Electric vehicle
  3. Cargo Space
  4. Super fast and Slow Charging (3/7.5 kW)
  5. Regenerative Braking
  6. Good Mileage
  7. Cost-Effective
  8. ABS brakes
  9. LED Headlights
  10. Fog Lights

According to the agreement, the signatory companies agreed to collaborate to introduce electric buses and other electric vehicles in Pakistan, as well as to develop charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

The project needed to be completed in two stages. Skywell Automobiles was required to supply Daewoo with state-of-the-art electric buses manufactured outside of Pakistan in Phase 1. In Phase 2, it was required to establish a manufacturing plant in Pakistan to produce electric vehicles. Meanwhile, the Hitachi subsidiary had reached a preliminary agreement to provide charging infrastructure for this effort.

Rs. 1.5 Billion allocated to introduce Electric Vehicles, Renewable energy and low carbon technologies in Pakistan

The development is part of the government’s larger vision to introduce electric vehicles and reduce reliance on conventional cars in accordance with globally implemented climate change mitigation measures. It should be noted that Pakistan’s electric vehicle policy was passed earlier this year.

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