Digital transformation can help Pakistan unlock up to Rs 9.7 trillion 2030

According to Google Analysis, digital transformation can help Pakistan unlock up to Rs 9.7 trillion ($59.7 billion USD) in annual economic value by 2030, which is equivalent to roughly 19% of the country’s GDP in 2020.

Pakistan has a robust digital economy, according to “Unlocking Pakistan’s Digital Potential,” a report released during a recent Google/P@SHA online event. Because of the boom in the service industry during the Covid circumstances, Pakistan is transitioning towards a digital economy by promoting software companies.

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Since 2010, the country has nurtured more than 700 tech start-ups, employing more than 300,000 IT experts and creating more than 25,000 IT graduates each year. Universities are offering a wide range of degrees in Software Engineering and Computer Sciences to help young people get into the rapidly expanding business.

Technology exports have grown at a 15% annual rate since 2020, and are expected to reach USD3.5 billion (Rs. 610,750,000,000) in 2022. Pakistan’s online population is rapidly growing, with a 54 percent internet penetration rate predicted by 2021.

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Pakistan still has a long way to go in terms of digital transformation, despite its amazing progress. Building infrastructure to support the local IT ecosystem, preserving a favorable environment for IT export, and boosting the country’s innovation and digital skills are all part of this. A wider range of market-specific courses and degree programs will aid in capitalizing on the global digital revolution.

The government is aiming to digitize all of its departments in order to make customer monitoring transparent and simple. For improved and easier communication between the government and the general public, new websites and applications have been formally established.

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