Drones will be used to catch traffic violators on motorways, highways

Drones motorways

National Highways & Motorways Police (NHMP) will deploy drones to identify road users who violate traffic rules.

NHMP intends to use drones for traffic control and patrolling on all highways and highways. This stage, according to the specifications, will lessen the reliance on human intervention and migrate to a current operating standard.

The motorway police will deploy technology such as variable messaging signs, body-worn cameras, and intelligent automations to streamline processes for commuters, according to the Ministry of Communications. Furthermore, the public service management system used on the M-2 and M-3 highways would be reproduced on all highways.

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Drones will aid in not only controlling and managing traffic volume on highways and motorways for a smooth and safe flow, but also providing effective and quick crime detection. The data collected by the drones could be used to apprehend the criminals.

The system will be operational in a few weeks. Drone technology will be demonstrated near the end of this month at a few locations along the highways.

On Friday, police from throughout the country gathered at NHMP headquarters for a virtual conference to discuss the initiative.

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The government’s policy on boosting the use and local manufacturing of unmanned aerial vehicles, which was announced in December, coincides with the introduction of drone technology (UAVs).

Drones have already been deployed in Pakistan’s agriculture sector to combat locust attacks, and they are now expected to assist in traffic management and crime prevention on the country’s highways and motorways.

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