Ehsaas Stipend program worth Rs.100 billion rolled out to support education of 10 million children (especially girls)

Ehsaas Education Stipends (school stipends) has been rolled out to support education of 10 million children in all 160 districts. Stipends for primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools are included in the scheme. School stipends are available to children aged 4 to 22 years old from all Ehsaas qualifying families. The program’s three-year budget is Rs. 100 billion.

Boys in primary education earn Rs. 1,500 per quarter, while girls receive Rs. 2,000; boys in secondary school receive Rs. 2,500, while girls receive Rs. 3,000; and boys in higher secondary school receive Rs. 3,500, while females receive Rs. 4,000.

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The Ehsaas Education Stipends program, which offers a larger incentive to girls, was created to encourage parents to send their children to school, especially girls.

Ehsaas has also created a Rs. 3,000 one-time graduation award to encourage girls to finish primary school. This prize is presented to female students who have completed Grade 5 and are from Ehsaas-eligible families.

The program has been made end-to-end digital to prevent mate abuse.
All payments are provided to children’s mothers. Disbursements are based on a 70% school/college attendance rate.

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For beneficiary families, a dedicated Ehsaas Taleemi Wazaif app has been designed to make digitally enabled kid enrolling easier. The Ehsaas Taleemi Wazaef app is available at:

Eligible families can also enroll their children at Ehsaas tehsil offices all around the country. The Ehsaas Education Stipends program is implemented by BISP.

Education Conditional Cash Transfers are a key pillar of Ehsaas and are covered by the Ehsaas framework for ‘Education Conditional Cash Transfers.’ Education Conditional Cash Transfers (CCT) serve the twin function of socially supporting needy households while also reducing the number of out-of-school children, which is a significant achievement.

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Students from 4 to 22 years old from all Ehsaas recipient families are eligible for education stipends under the statewide Ehsaas Education Stipends program. The initiative has now been extended to all districts around the country. Girls receive a greater stipend across all age groups under Ehsaas’ weighted-in-favor-of-girls stipend policy for all conditional cash transfer programs, signaling the government’s commitment to encourage girls’ education.

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