Full-scale production of Pakistan-made MG vehicles to begin soon

Pakistan-made MG vehicles

The local production line of MG motors in Lahore has the production capacity of 100 cars a day and the company is planning to soon export Pakistan-made MG vehicles across the globe.

A success story that is rare to see in Pakistan, MG Motor Pakistan is setting the tone for the whole automobile industry of the country. The company has delivered more than 10,000 vehicles, launched 7 dealerships with MG Care Centers and introduced world-class latest models in Pakistan.

MG (Morris Garage) has so far launched all-electric MG ZS EV, fully fledged SUV MG HS, compact SUV MG ZS and plug-in hybrid SUV MG HS-PHEV. MG Motors will soon introduce MG5, MG3 and MG Gloster which will be Made in Pakistan and will be available soon in the market.

MG Motors have also introduced fully electric SUV in Pakistan

According to Javed Afridi owner of MG JW Automobile Pakistan, 3 new models of MG will be made in Pakistan and will be available to compete with with the big 3 brands Honda, Suzuki and Toyota.

MG motors have recently entered the competitive Pakistan automotive market and is successfully working on its expansion. New cars and SUVs are being introduced and are getting famous for their features and reliability.

Currently MG Motors have an assembly plant in Lahore and it have already manufactured SUVs in pakistan. The MG plant in Lahore can produce 100 vehicles per day, which equates to 3000 vehicles per month and 36,000 vehicles per year.

It’s exciting to learn that MG vehicles will soon be manufactured in Pakistan. The promise will now be fulfilled with the production of MG automobiles in Pakistan. Thousands of export orders have already been received by MG.

Few months back MG revealed its most-awaited RX-8 vehicle at an event in Packages Mall in Lahore after the company showcased the SUV at the MG Center, Karachi back in November.

These automobiles will be sold worldwide. Many more MG vehicles are on their way to the country’s and the world’s roads. As a result of the export, many jobs and income opportunities will be created for Pakistanis.

As the company is set to begin full-scale commercial production very soon, Pakistan-made MG vehicles will be dominating the roads worldwide.

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