How hate, intolerance and declining public discourse took over Pakistan’s politics?


In the Pakistan of late, the public discourse seems to have been polluted a lot thanks to the deeply polarised environment set by the politics of the country.

Back in June 2021 the session of parliament of Pakistan started in order to bring consensus among parliamentarians on the budget for the year of 2022. Soon brawl of words erupted and ended in fist-fights and profanities.

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They hurled the copies of budget in air and blame game started among them. It didn’t stop here. The impatient law makers moved no confidence vote against prime minister Imran khan two times which led to the ousting of prime minister by the majority parliamentarians.

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This kind of intolerance led to day to day rallies and protests across the country. The real victims of this intolerant behaviour in the politics are the people. It led to centralization, corruption, red tapism, censored media, economic dissonance and political instability. These are the problems which have encircled Pakistan nowadays.

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The solution to all these menace is bringing awareness about the tolerance in the politics. For the smooth transaction of the business of the government political stability, economic development and achieving across the board accountability tolerance plays an important role.

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Only then, the opposition and people will be in  a better position to evaluate the performance of the government. Though  introducing tolerance to the politics of Pakistan is a long way to go but is not impossible.

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