How PTI swept crucial Punjab by-elections and what lies ahead for Pakistan now?

Punjab by-elections

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf won 15 of the 20 seats in the Punjab by-elections which a big set back for the governing party PMLN. Four seats went to the opposing Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, according to the party’s leaders, and one seat was won by an independent candidate.

As a result, the PTI now has the necessary majority in the provincial legislature to overthrow the PML-N administration led by incumbent Chief Minister and son of Sharif Hamza Shehbaz, who assumed office just eight weeks ago.

In separate statements, PML-N officials including Defense Minister Khawaja Asif and other prominent figures praised the PTI’s “historic” victory.

PM Imran Khan alleges no-confidence motion was masterminded in Washington

The outcome is regarded as a preview of what can transpire in the general election scheduled for October 2023. In a vote of no confidence in April, Mr. Khan lost his position as prime minister. The outcome in Punjab represents a serious setback for Shehbaz Sharif, the PML-current N’s leader, and his coalition government, which is currently in charge of the country.

After Khan’s four-year-old national administration was toppled by a legislative vote of no-confidence earlier that month, Punjab was governed by a PTI-led coalition until mid-April, when then-Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar resigned. That made it possible for Sharif to succeed him as the nation’s new prime minister and put together a coalition of different parties.

Khan’s subsequent candidate for the position of chief minister lost when a group of provincial parliamentarians from his party voted for Hamza Shebaz instead.

After the PTI successfully petitioned the Pakistani Election Commission to remove the MPs in issue for abusing the anti-defection legislation by voting against the party, 20 Punjab seats became empty, and voting was finally place on Sunday.

Will Prime Minister Imran Khan be able to survive the political crisis?

How Imran Khan stunned rivals with Punjab by-elections upset?

  1. Strong and consistent Crowd engagements
    Imran Khan is known for narration capabilities and his crowd pulling abilities which gives him the ability to convey his opinion and message to grass root. 
  2. Using Social Media Platforms
    Imran Khan will be known as a pioneer to use social media and digital media to convey his message and engage with the country of almost 40% teenagers and youngsters. Soon after Imran Khan was ousted from the Prime Minister position, he started giving interviews to the Journalists, unexpectedly appeared in Podcasts, used twitter space and engaged with the record breaking twitter space to make an impact and to communicate his message to the unconventional media users.
  3. Engagement with party workers
    PTI have adapted with the changes and have been on a good pace with the digital transformation. The party has data of every party worker which helps them communicate fast and also to make a trend within moments of an incident. Every Tehsil level party officeholder in Pakistan became a constituency volunteer. There were three follow ups to confirm where they will go and volunteer
  4. Contact with every Tehsil
    Every Tehsil level party office holder was given 5-6 volunteers to support them on grass root level. They were asked to used digital platform to report issues and numbers on immediate basis. The centralized apps and platforms were monitored by senior members and decision makers in the Secretariat which made them easy and fast to respond to any issue.
  5. Imran Khan’s interaction with workers
    Three of Imran Khan’s pre-recorded calls and message were sent out to every single volunteer and party workers. This tactic not only boosted the morale of the workers but also gave an impact of a big family. 
  6. Small gorups for easy and effective management
    In a province like Punjab with small but hugely populated areas cannot be managed by 1 person for each locality. PTI was able to make small groups of 20-30 volunteers who were able to reach out to each and every individual living the such a hugely populated locality.
  7. Appreciation for effort
    Imran Khan and PTI knows how to manage their party and how to keep morale high for effective work. Everyone will be sent a thank you message from Imran khan and contacted by the Punjab by-elections winners of their respective constituencies and invited for a thank you dinner. These people will develop a level of friendship with them that will carry thought out their life.

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