How to increase battery life Android – Easy steps

Smartphones are about as fast as anyone really needs these days, so now it’s all about other aspects such as battery life. Charging is improving, faster and more convenient, but phone batteries themselves aren’t lasting any longer. Here are some easy steps/ tips to increase battery life for your smartphone, without making your phone unusable.

Enable Batter Saver/ power-saving mode

All the smartphones have Battery Saving Mode available. The phone’s numerous power-sapping capabilities are managed for you when you use a battery-saving mode. It might reduce brightness, reduce the screen timeout setting, block on-screen animations, and prevent apps from updating in the background.

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By default, battery saving mode activates when your battery level falls below 20%, but you can set it to activate at 30% or even at a higher percentage instead. The longer the phone’s battery lasts, the sooner it changes to this power-saving mode. It can increase battery life to multiple days which will amaze you.

Turn Of GPS and Bluetooth:

Another source of battery drain is the tracking of your location by numerous apps. They track your location and display localized information using a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi, and mobile data – but only with your permission. Go to App-level permissions in Settings > Security & Location > Location. Scroll through the list and uncheck any apps that don’t require location services.

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If bluetooth is switched on, the phone keeps searching for bluetooth devices in the surroundings continuously which reduces the battery time. Turn OFF bluetooth and it will increase battery life of your smartphone.

Turn on Dark Mode

Dark mode is available in mot of the Android devices that consume less power. The benefit is that it consumes less power to illuminate those pixels, and enable Dark Mode in any apps that support it. YouTube and Slack are two examples, but it’s becoming more widespread. By inverting the screen colors, you can reduce eye strain and battery waste.

Turn ON Dark Mode and it will increase battery life of your smartphone.

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Reduce Screen Resolution:

Most Android flagships have different resolutions that can be adjusted. Mostly Quad-HD+ displays are set to Full-HD+ by default. This helps to save battery life by requiring less power to push all those pixels. If you like, you can even move down to HD+.

You can check it and change it in the Settings > Display > Screen resolution to check your screen resolution settings. Reduced screen resolution will increase battery life of your smartphone.

Reduce sleep time out:

Change the duration of the screen timeout, and the shorter it is, the less battery power is lost. Screen will turn Off quickly and it will increase the battery life.

This setting may be found under Settings > Display > Advanced > Sleep. You can only set a timer for 15 seconds.

Enable Adaptive Battery

To enable Adaptive Battery, go to Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery and slide the toggle. This Android Pie feature stops apps you don’t use often from consuming too much power in the background.

A Restricted App list will appear immediately below this selection, which will be empty by default. You can’t just add any program to this list; instead, Adaptive Battery checks apps running in the background, and if any of them are using too much energy, you’ll get a notification informing you about it and offering to add the app to this list.

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