How to survive heat wave without air conditioner

Heat Wave

Heat wave is a period of extremely hot weather, sometimes accompanied by high humidity, especially in nations with an oceanic climate. South Asia is currently facing issues and it is expected to get severe in the upcoming days and weeks.

Many residences in these locations lack air conditioning, making survival in the scorching heat a challenge for everyone. Even if you live in an air-conditioned house, the measures below can help you stay cool during a heat wave. Excessive heat warnings are given all over the world.

Stay hydrated during heat wave

Remember to stay hydrated, which means drinking more water than usual when the weather is hot. If you’re sweating a lot, you’ll need to replace electrolytes either by eating a tiny bit of food with your water or by consuming electrolyte replacement drinks. Thirst is the first indicator of dehydration; you should drink enough of fluids before you feel thirsty to avoid being dehydrated.

Keep circulating the air

To improve air circulation in your home, use box fans and ceiling fans. Opening the house’s doors and utilizing box fans to force hot air outside can act as a “exhaust” system, drawing cooler evening air in. Open all windows and create as much air circulation as possible on cooler evenings.

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Close all doors and windows as soon as the sun rises, making sure to close drapes and blinds as well, to keep the indoors as cool as possible. Open the windows and turn on the fans again when the outside air cools to a lower temperature than the indoor air (typically in the evenings or at night).

Use water air coolers

Make use of water’s cooling properties. Soak your feet in buckets or basins. When worn on the shoulders or head, wet towels and bandannas can provide some relief. Take cool showers or baths, and spritz yourself with a spray bottle filled with cold water throughout the day when the temperature is the max in the heat wave.

Eliminate extra sources of heat

Remove any other heat sources. Computers and appliances left on can generate unwanted heat, as can incandescent light bulbs. Consume fresh foods that do not require the use of an oven or stove.

Modify your foods accordingly to deal with heat wave

Avoid eating large, protein-rich meals that raise metabolic heat and cause the body to overheat. Avoid consumption of caffeine (Reduce Coffee and Chai intake) as caffeine causes dehydration which can be fatal giving the heat wave.

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Avoid unnecessary outdoor activities

Avoid outdoor visits or activities if possible while if it is necessary do it in the mornings and evenings. Direct sun and high temperature causes heat waves so try to avoid it. If going outside cover your head with a wet cloth or at least cover it to avoid impact of direct sun heat.

Plant trees to cope with heat wave

Planting trees will not help you know but it will help overcome the issues of heat waves in near future. Plant a tree today and within years, it will help with the temperature control and impact of global warming soon.

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