Huge demand for skilled Pakistanis in IT, agriculture, construction and services sectors of Italy

Italy skilled Pakistanis

Jauhar Saleem, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Italy, has revealed that Italy will grant skilled Pakistanis full market access to its labor market to increase the already fruitful relations between the countries.

Italy currently have around 150000 registered Pakistani who are working contributing to Italian economy and also to Pakistani economy through remittances. This is the most Pakistanis in a European Country, before Brexit UK had the most Pakistanis in a European country.

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Pakistan’s ambassador to Italy Jauhar Saleem stated that Pakistan and Italy are working on a labor agreement that will provide skilled Pakistanis with comprehensive market access to the Italian labor market and that formal negotiations would begin soon. It will help the relationships between the two countries as already a large number of Pakistanis are studying and working in Italy.

In 2022, Italy expects to allow 69,700 seasonal workers from selected countries to work in the country. He also elaborated on various initiatives aimed at improving the well-being of the Pakistani diaspora in Italy.

He also stated that Pakistan has been included in the Italian seasonal work visa for 2022, which will provide many opportunities for skilled Pakistanis in agriculture and services to work in Italy. The seasonal visa are offered for up to 3 years to eligible candidates based on the work requirement.

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Workers remittances from Italy reached $639 million, a 48 percent increase over the previous year and an all-time high, making Italy the EU’s largest source of remittances and the world’s seventh largest. He predicted that the growth streak would continue in the fourth quarter of this fiscal year, bringing worker remittances from Italy to around one billion dollars.

Ambassador Saleem stated that various Italian firms were interested in investing in the fields of energy, food processing, leather, textile, construction, and furnishing. He also emphasized tourism initiatives, particularly capacity building in Pakistan’s tourism sector through Italian experts.

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