Iceland’s Hotel offers $10000, 10 days round trip in exchange for landscape photos

A famous hotel in Iceland’s southern coast, is looking for a landscape photographer prepared to trade landscape shots of the region for round-trip flights and bed and board in the land of fire and ice.

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Hotel Ranga is looking for a photographer to capture the island’s green hills, numerous waterfalls, black sand beaches, and other breathtaking natural vistas. Due to the Midnight Sun, the photographer would be asked to come during the summer to be able to photograph the island at any time of day.

Hotel Ranga is has offered a flight to Iceland as well as lodging and board last year in exchange for images of the Northern Lights. The campaign attracted 4,829 candidates from over 50 countries, and the hotel received so much great feedback that it chose two photographers instead of one. 

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The Midnight Sun Catcher will receive free hotel and board, a journey to and from Iceland, and the opportunity to photograph one of the world’s most gorgeous and adventurous countries in exchange for photographing moments and vistas for Hotel Ranga.

Applicants must be available to fly to Iceland by mid-June or earlier and commit to spending 10 days there shooting high-quality images and movies of Iceland’s Midnight Sun. 

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Hotel Ranga will receive an unrestricted license to mutually agreed upon images and videos in exchange for flights and room and board, and will be able to use them in promotional material, both printed and online, for an indefinite length of time. Those interested should fill out an application on the Hotel Ranga’s website.

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