Imran Khan launches PTI Raabta mobile app, here’s how to become part of his struggle for Haqiqi Azadi

PTI Raabta

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan on Monday launched PTI Raabta mobile app for membership campaign and connecting with the masses.

Anyone with a mobile and internet access can download the app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store and register as the party member.

According to Imran Khan, through the app his party will be able to collect data, to engage with supporters who can help in ticket allocation too.

PTI is making the most of modern technology with the newly-launched PTI Raabta mobile application and leading the political race with digitization.

The latest move will will boost the party’s membership according to Senior PTI leader Asad Umar as the party kicks off large-scale membership drive today.

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Within the first hour of its launch, over 30,000 members from different countries registered themselves where some users have reported error in the loading of the app.

“There’s no doubt that initially the application will face some hiccups. However, setting up of the application is extremely crucial to make the party an institution,” Imran Khan said in a statement on the occasion of launching of the PTI Raabta application.

He said he wanted to make the PTI such an organisation which had meritocracy and could run smoothly even after them. If meritocracy was not promoted in the country then we would be left with family parties only, he maintained.

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“The more democracy gets better, the more meritocracy prevails. In China’s system, meritocracy is probably even better than democracy. We want to end the politics of hereditary here,” he said.

The PTI chief said the purpose behind launching the PTI Raabta application was making the party an institution and holding elections in the party.

“We already have a data of 2.7 million party members. Now I want all of you to become members on PTI’s Raabta application, specially the youth,” he said adding that the data could be beneficial by breaking it down to constituencies while allotting tickets as we could double check as to whom our members wanted to get tickets.

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