PM Imran Khan alleges no-confidence motion was masterminded in Washington

Imran Khan

Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has alleged that Sunday’s no-confidence motion to oust him from power was masterminded in Washington.

In Pakistan, opposition has put aside their differences in order to oust the embattled prime minister Imran khan. After PM’s key allies desertion, the expected numbers of opposition has reached 177 which is five more than required number 172. The development has prompted many to believe that Khan has lost the backing of all-powerful military establishment.

What’s next for Pak-US relations after PM Imran blames Biden administration for regime change attempts

On the other hand, Prime minister Imran khan does not want to leave the premiership at any cost. On 1st of April at his public appearance he claimed that he had received a threatening letter from Donald Lu, who is serving as Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs of the United States in which it has been written that if the vote of no confidence succeed, the country will be forgiven for it past mistakes. If it does not, Pakistan will find herself in a very difficult situation.

Prime Minister Imran Khan further delivered to the public that he never wanted to be a slave to any country and wanted to have independent foreign policy.

PM Imran Khan calls out Western nations for hypocrisy and tells them Pakistan is not their slave

The statement of PM Khan later on was clarified by Abdul Basit, a retired Pakistani diplomat, that this letter might be issued on the behalf of Pakistan US embassy’s diplomat and the United States government might be unaware of that.

National Security Council meeting further confirmed the foreign involvement in the move of no confidence vote against PM. There are strong reasons which supports his claims.

Why will US government want to oust PM Imran Khan?

  • Pakistan closeness with Taliban government in Afghanistan

After US withdrawal from Afghanistan, Taliban toppled the Afghan government and took control the important positions in Afghanistan. Pakistan conducted many official and non official meetings with the Taliban government to not let Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan use afghan soil against Pakistan.

Will Prime Minister Imran Khan be able to survive the political crisis?

  • PM Imran Khan refuses to give military basis to US

in an interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios, Mr Khan stirred the world with remarks on Afghanistan and Xinjiang by saying that he would not allow the US to use Pakistan as a base for its Afghan operations and asked the interviewer that why the world was fixated on Xinjiang while ignoring what India was doing in Kashmir.

He further stated that he would absolutely not allow the US to conduct her cross border counter terrorism missions.

  • PM Khan visit to Russia amid Ukraine tensions

The ties between Islamabad and Washington further strained when PM Khan decided to visit Russia amid Ukrainian crisis.

  • Influence of India on US

US wants India’s support in pacific ocean to counter China’s rise for which US might have taken this step to make her ally happy.

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