Imran Khan thanks masses at Peshawar Jalsa for protesting against foreign interference

Peshawar Jalsa

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan stated on Wednesday in a jalsa in Peshawar that his removal from power was the result of a foreign conspiracy and that he will fight for the country’s and its people’s “true freedom” from now on.

This is Peshawar’s first mass contact campaign since Imran Khan’s ouster as Prime Minister. Imran Khan further added: “Whenever a prime minister was removed in the past, Pakistanis used to distribute sweets. But I am thankful to Allah that when I was removed and you all protested, attended this rally and gave me such respect.”

Imran Khan announced on Wednesday that he will hold a jalsa in Peshawar following Isha and has invited a large crowd to attend.

Will Prime Minister Imran Khan be able to survive the political crisis?

A large number of people carrying PTI flags and chanting slogans in support of Imran Khan have arrived at the jalsagah.

Why is Imran Khan doing Protests?

On March 8, the joint opposition’s no-confidence motion against the PTI chairman was successful, and he was removed as prime minister.

Khan claimed that Donald Lu, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs, Department of State, was part of a “foreign conspiracy” to destabilize his government.

According to Khan, the US national security adviser called his Pakistani counterpart and “categorically asked us not to proceed with the Russia tour.”

What’s next for Pak-US relations after PM Imran blames Biden administration for regime change attempts

Imran Khan resigned from the National Assembly in response to the no confidence and decided to go to public. His plan is to create enough pressure on the new government to conduct new elections.

What did the other leaders in Jalsa say

In the grand jalsa in Peshawar, Shah Mehmood Qureshi (the former foreign minister), Sheikh Rahseed (Former Interior Minister), Parvez Khattak (Former Defence Minister) and Qasim Suri (Former Deputey Speaker) who gained fame after his rejection of vote of no confidence.

All the leaders emphasised on the international intervention in Pakistan politics and the international conspiracy to remove Imran Khan from his seat as Prime Minister. Foreign conspiracy and its impact on Pakistan was the main topic.

Qasim Suri in his address stated that a “international conspiracy” was hatched against our brave leader Imran Khan, who raised the Islamophobia issue and fought Pakistan’s case at every forum.

He claimed to have seen the ‘threatening letter,’ which stated unequivocally that Imran Khan should be removed through a no-confidence motion.

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