India South Africa DRS Controversy VS India Pakistan World Cup Semi-Final DRS. India’s good VS India’s bad DRS.

On January 13 2022, Virat Kohli and the team got angry when the Umpires LBW decision was reversed when reviewed by DRS. Anger was seen on the screens but Kohli and team and even unexpected words were shared through the Wicket mic to register their anger and let the audience know that Kohli and company did not like it.

But Indian team have got a short memory because a similar decision went in their favor when in World Cup 2011 in Semi Final, Saeed Ajmal bowled Tandulkar LBW out. The decision was reviewed and with an unexpected result, the decision was reversed.

India vs South Africa DRS Controversy

Dean Elgar was called out LBW by an on-field umpire in the twenty-first over after the ball struck him squarely in front of the stumps. Elgar, on the other hand, requested a review, and the judgement was reversed after replays revealed that the ball had bounced too far and had gone over the stumps. This enraged Indian players, who were caught on camera utilizing the stump mic to mock official broadcasters Supersport.

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Kohli came up to the stump mics after a disputed DRS review reversed an LBW against Proteas opener Dean Elgar and stated, “Focus on your team as they polish the ball.” It’s not only the opponents. “I’m always trying to catch folks.”

It was an odd thing to say about a DRS debate, but visiting teams have long complained that the local broadcaster ignores what the South Africans do on the field while displaying a keen interest in the visitors.

Pakistan vs India Wolrd Cup Semi Final DRS:

When asked about his judgment to put Sachin Tendulkar out lbw in the 2011 World Cup semifinal against Pakistan — a decision that was later overturned before Sachin went on to score a match-winning 85 – umpire Ian Gould stated if he had a second opportunity now, he would probably do the same thing.

“I thought he was out when I gave him out in Mohali. I’ll sit here and guarantee you that if I see it again, I’ll still hand it up. “He talked to Gambhir and seemed like he was about to go out, and I was thinking thank God for that, and then he spun on his heels and made the T symbol, and the world came to a halt,” Gould said on BBC 5 Live Sport.

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“Eventually, (third umpire) Billy Bowden told me ‘It’s missing leg, I need you to change your decision.’ Well, no disrespect to him, but I was watching on a 90-foot screen showing me it was missing leg by an inch so I didn’t really need his analysis,” he added.
The ball appeared to have pitched in line on replays, but Hawkeye predicted it would have missed Sachin’s leg stump.

The overturn and Gould’s judgement came in the 11th over of the match, bowled by Saeed Ajmal. Tendulkar was 23 at the time. After that, he would anchor the Indian innings until the 37th over. The match would be won by India by 29 runs.

This overturned lbw judgment has sparked debate in the past. Many years after the incident, Saeed Ajmal stated he is still baffled about how the DRS showed the ball would have been missing the stumps.

“When the referral was made, I was 110 percent convinced that the batsman was out,” Ajmal said.

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