Islamabad to have second largest park over an area of 155 acre along Margalla Road in Zone III

Islamabad Park

Islamabad to have second largest park of the city after Fatima Jinnah Park that would be set up over an area of 155 acre along Margalla Road in Zone III.

A plan is set to give Islamabad a new and the second largest park after the famous Fatima Jinnah Park in F-9 sector that would run from the G.T. Road Sangjani area to Sector D-12.

The city management continues to maintain the greenery and family places in the federal capital and now a big park will be established north of sector D-12 along Margalla Road. Before beginning building, the CDA’s environment wing and revenue directorate have begun putting land marks.

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CDA had opted to use 2,000 kanal out of about 4,000 kanal in Zone lll that had been laying unattended, according to an officer from the environment branch

The revenue directorate had finished land demarcation, according to CDA officials. “On Tuesday, we handed over roughly 2,000 kanal to Park Directorate after finishing demarcation,” stated a CDA revenue officer. Throughout 400 boundary pillars are also being put around the park, he said.

According to CDA officials, Islamabad has about 250 parks, with a few of them being major, such as F-9 Park, Ankara Park, Kachnar Park, Rose and Jasmine Park, and Lake View Park.

The park will be built along the Margalla Road, which would run from the G.T. Road Sangjani area to Sector D-12. A large chunk of the road has already been built, and the project is expected to be completed in the coming months.

“The road construction work is in full swing, and construction activities near Shah Allah Ditta are underway,” stated a CDA engineer. According to sources, once the road is done and the park is constructed, the region, which includes CA sectors D-12, E-13, C-13, C-14, C-15, and C-16, will be developed.

Few months back CDA had announced to develop new parks in different sectors of Islamabad. The parks are planned to be constructed in Bara Kahu, H-8, I-16 and in I-14 Islamabad. All the parks will help increase beauty of the city and will give a place for the city residents to enjoy family time and also to stay physically active.

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