Pakistan launches ‘Digital diplomacy’ to boost trade with African countries

An Islamabad-based think tank has started a ‘digital diplomacy’ effort in collaboration with the foreign office and business community to strengthen trade and cultural connections with African countries while also improving Pakistan’s image in the region.

DG Foreign Office Africa Naeem Khan started the idea through the Centre of Pakistan and International Relations (COPAIR).

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Mr Khan discussed Pakistan’s relations with several African states, as well as the history of Pakistan-Morocco relations.

He emphasized the possibilities for further expanding the two countries political and economic ties and provided a brief update on the recent high-level negotiations between Pakistan and Morocco.

Moroccan Ambassador Mohamed Karmoune underlined the significant agreements and events of the friendship journey. He also cited many commercial and economic potential between the two countries, such as the formation of joint ventures.

The speakers also emphasized the importance of strengthening cultural relations between the two Muslim nations.

Amna Malik, President of COPAIR, spoke to the audience about digital diplomacy and how social influencers should be encouraged to be digital ambassadors in order to create a favorable picture of Pakistan via the digital diplomacy platform.

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She believes that digital tourism could help to strengthen socio-cultural ties between the two countries. The speakers urged the youth to become digital diplomats in order to assist Pakistan and strengthen relations with Morocco and other countries.

Previously, the Islamabad Chamber of Business and Industry (ICCI) emphasized the importance of strengthening trade and commerce connections with African countries.

ICCI President Mohammad Shakeel Munir said Africa was a big unexplored market and that the government should focus on African countries to enhance commerce and exports.

He stated that Pakistan has developed the ‘Look Africa Policy,’ which should be completely executed in order to boost trade connections with the African continent.

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He stated that Pakistan has a strong potential to export a wide range of items to Africa, including rice, engineering goods, electrical appliances, textiles, apparel, medicines, sports goods, surgical equipment, cutlery, furniture, and many others.

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