Pakistan carries out first drone strike to eliminate TTP targets in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Drone

Pakistan have conducted drone attacks on Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) hideouts in Khost and Kunar provinces of Afghanistan. According to senior officials, the strikes were carried out in response to intelligence reports that TTP affiliates were present in the area.

TTP has been conducting a series of terrorist attacks in Pakistan and is a threat to the national security. Recently TTP have carried offensive operations martyring Pakistan Army personnel and also police personnel.

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According to sources, TTP have established its bases near the Afghan border, where even Afghan authorities were unable to go. These areas are critical as the TTP can easily cross borders for any offences.

As a result, the Afghan government had been urged on numerous occasions to bring the TTP to the negotiating table or to take action against them. The TTP on the border are a serious threat to Pakistan security as its difficult to trace and track them as they use 2 countries for their hideouts and operations.

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Senior security officials have denied that the drone attacks were conducted from Pakistan. According to officials, that the strike were not carried out by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) jets neither have Pakistan violated Afghan airspace. The bases where the operations were conducted are near the Afghan border therefore not violating any airspaces.

According to officials, the TTP occupied the targeted areas near Afghan border, which were off-limits to the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan (IEA), and the drone successfully hit targets while the TTP suffered heavy losses.

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The recent strikes were in retaliation for an increase in terror attacks within Pakistan causing deaths and injuries of Military personnel. The attacks on the Pakistan Army began when the TTP launched offensive operations on the border areas in Bajaur and North Waziristan. Recently an Army major and an a soldier were martyred while in another offence a missile was fired at a police mobile in Dera Ismail Khan

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