Electricity prices increased for April by Rs. 3.99 as fuel adjustment charges

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) allowed ex-Wapda distribution companies (Discos) to charge their customers an extra Rs. 3.99 per unit in fuel charges adjustment for April on Monday. It means that the Electricity Prices are increase more by Rs. 3.99.

Discos charged consumers a reference fuel pricing of Rs6.61 per unit in April, according to a Nepra statement, while the real fuel cost turned out to be Rs10.6 per unit, a disparity of Rs3.99 per unit.

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The increase would apply to all consumer groups except lifeline customers, according to the notice. It went on to say that the fuel fee adjustment would be presented separately in consumers’ bills based on units billed in April, and that the charges would be reflected in the June bill.

Nepra had approved a Rs7.9 per unit rise in the power pricing in June, citing an increase in fuel prices, capacity costs, and the impact of the rupee’s depreciation.

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“The pricing has been determined for FY2022-23, which on national average is Rs.24.82 per kilowatt hour (or unit), higher by Rs.7.9078/kWh than the earlier determined national average tariff of Rs16.91/kWh,” the electricity regulator said in a statement.

Due to their diverse income requirements and varying amounts of technical and distribution losses allowed, Nepra said it has set separate consumer-end tariffs for each distribution firm.

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