Pakistan Flag taken to space to mark 75th anniversary of freedom

According to a press release, Vanessa O’Brien, a global explorer and Pakistan’s Honorary Goodwill Ambassador, carried Pakistan’s flag into space earlier this week along with five other space participants aboard Blue Origin’s NS-22, which passed the Kármán line and traveled to an apogee of 351,232 feet MSL (107 km). The gesture was done to mark 75th anniversary of Pakistan’s freedom. The space explorer expressed her best wishes for Pakistan’s success.

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Before parachutes were deployed to slow down the crew capsule for landing, her maximum ascend velocity was 3,603 km/h and she experienced 5.2 maximum g-forces. With this trip, Ms. O’Brien achieves the Explorer’s Trifecta by becoming the first woman to reach extremes on land, sea, and air. This flight also earns her a sixth Guinness World Record.

O’Brien carried the Pakistani flag on each of these challenging expeditions over a five-year period: in 2017, to the top of K2, in 2020, to the Marianas Trench’s 10,925-meter depth, and finally in 2022, to space (crossing the Kármán line to 107km).

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Vanessa expressed her happiness at being able to complete this suborbital journey in time to commemorate Pakistan’s liberation from British rule 75 years ago. She also wished all Pakistanis a happy Independence Day and expressed her hope that Pakistan’s flag will fly with pride higher and higher each year.

In a way, the August 4 space flight was historic because it marked the first time Pakistan’s flag had ever been carried into space. Hassan Bin Aftab, director and founder of Pakistan Analytica, a nonprofit organization working to promote the real spirit and face of Pakistan abroad, gave the flag to Vanessa.

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