Apple, Google, Xiaomi donates to support in flood relief and recovery activities

Since June, intense rains have altered Pakistan’s landscape, burying around one-third of the country under water, killing thousands of people, and displacing millions of people from their homes. According to the National Disaster Management Authority, these disastrous floods have forced the relocation of more than 33,046,329 individuals and damaged more than 1,051,570 dwellings.
In order to support in the flood relief and recovery operations, donations are done all over the world. Tech giants like Apple, Google Xiaomi and others are supporting Pakistan in this hour of need.

Apple’s Contribution

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said on Twitter that the tech giant would donate money to Pakistan’s flood relief and recovery operations. Floods in Pakistan’s northern highlands, brought on by record monsoon rains and melting glaciers, are believed to have killed at least 1,191 people, including 399 children.

He said, “the floods in Pakistan and surrounding areas are devastating humanitarian disasters. Our thoughts are with those that have lost loved ones, the many displaced families, and all those affected. Apple will donate to relief and recovery efforts on the ground.”

Google’s Contribution

Flash floods have caused significant losses for the country, but major corporations and people from around the world are donating money and goods to help. Google will donate $500,000 to flood relief operations in Pakistan, a Google official said.

Stephanie Davis, vice president of Google Southeast Asia, stated on LinkedIn that Google would donate the funds to the Centre for Disaster Philanthropy through The Centre for Disaster Philanthropy would then offer smaller grants to local groups actively involved in disaster response and rehabilitation, she explained.

Xiaomi’s Contribution

Xiaomi Foundation has donated a donation of USD 100,000 to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in support of UNHCR’s operations in Pakistan, particularly this most recent emergency response to the flooding and other conditions affecting refugees and host communities in Pakistan.

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