Pakistan Railway’s new 230 coaches will be included in the fleet in December 2022

Pakistan Railways has procured 230 modern passenger coaches to facilitate the passengers. The first batch of the procured coaches will arrive by end of the year.

The new trains will be equipped with all the latest security and comfort features and will be capable of traveling at a speed of 160 km/h

The 4000 horsepower, high-power locomotives have also been procured to enhance payload for maximizing freight revenue.  

Pakistan Railways procured 230 modern high speed passenger coaches from China

The process for installing Radio Frequency Identification System over the railway network has been initiated, which would transform the department on modern lines by effective and efficient monitoring of rolling stock.         

The spare rakes and coaches have been stationed at major stations to address the untoward situations and ensure the schedule of trains.

New ticketing system

Pakistan Railways has agreed to collaborate with a Chinese defense and technology firm to create an artificial intelligence system that will allow passengers to plan and book door-to-door travels using a single app.
China North Industries Group Corporation (Norinco) will develop the service over the next ten years under the terms of the public-private partnership agreement.

Pakistan Railways privatizes 3 trains Tezgam, Rawal Express and Subuk Kharam

Norinco Pakistan Railways will receive a cut of ticket prices, freight charges, and value-added services.

The initiative is known as the Railway Automated Booking and Travel Assistance initiative. Using the app, users will be able to book and pay for each mode of transportation on a route. They will also be able to monitor train status, select seats, book car rentals and meals, and book a hotel room.

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