Pakistan Railways privatizes 3 trains Tezgam, Rawal Express and Subuk Kharam

Pakistan Railways has outsourcedd three trains as a part of the privatization campaign, which will be run under a public-private partnership later this month, with booking authorities instructed to immediately cancel any bookings.

Pakistan Railways has been working on the privatization to make the organization profitable as it has been facing financial issues. A number of Ministers have tried to reduce the losses and to make the Railways a profitable organization. The freight trains are also privatized so that investors can take care of its functioning and management.

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The Subuk Kharam, Rawal Express, and Tezgam are the three outsourced trains. The Subuk Kharam and Rawal Express will begin operating under a private operator on June 16, while the Tezgam will begin operations on July 1.

“The railway administration will handle the operation of these outsourced trains,” stated Amir Baloch, Additional General Manager Railways. “The private firm will be in charge of passenger bookings, meals, bedding, and entertainment on the trains.”

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The railway officials have sent out notices to all reservation offices across the country, instructing them to immediately halt taking reservations for the three trains. The booking of these trains will now be handled by private company employees at designated counters in railway stations.

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