Pakistan rice exports increased by 10.73pc to $1.066 Billion in 1st half of financial year 2021-22

Rice exports increased by 10.73 percent in the first half of the current fiscal year (2021-22) compared to the previous year’s similar period.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, Pakistan exported rice worth $1066.769 million from July to December (2021-22) compared to $963.379 million from July to December (2020-21), a 10.73 percent increase (PBS).

Pakistan’s exports to China increased by 69% to $3.58 billion in year 2021

Exports of Basmati rice climbed by 33.14 percent this year, rising from $228.370 million last year to $304.043 million this year. According to the PBS data, overall rice exports increased by 12.54 percent, with Basmati rice increasing by 47.39 percent and other rice commodities increasing by 7.51 percent.

Pakistan hits highest ever IT Exports in 6 months, expected to reach $3.5 billion in this financial year

Exports of basmati rice climbed by 54.25 percent during the year under review, while exports of other rice commodities decreased by 4.82 percent. Rice exports climbed by 3.60 percent month over month in November 2021, compared to $231.908 million in November 2021.

Pakistan’s Textile exports increased by 28.41% to $7.758 billion in just 5 months.

The overall food exports from the country increased by 22.28 percent during the first half of current year compared to last year. The food exports from the country were recorded at US $ 2482.704 million during July-December (2021-22) against the exports of US$ 2030.322 million during July-December (2020-21).

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