Pakistan running out of Gas, warns Federal Minister

The entire world is facing shortage of fossil fuels and so is Pakistan. Fawad Chaudhary, Pakistan’s Information Minister, has warned that the country may soon run out of gas, noting that reserves have been decreasing at a rate of 9% per year for the past two years. Pakistan is facing critical gas shortage.

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Fawad remarked during a press conference following a cabinet meeting that 23% of people in cities use gas at subsidised rates, forcing the remaining 78% to rely on LPG, coal, and other sources.

The minister stated that the government must secure a more equitable distribution of gas to all individuals, emphasizing the importance of urban residents changing their habit to overcome the gas shortage in Paksitan.

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A Sugar Sector Reform Committee report will be issued for public debate today, Chaudhary stated, while addressing other key problems. He went on to say that the study included recommendations to de-regulate the market and minimize the government’s role in price setting.

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