Pakistan Starts HANGOR Submarines Construction in Karachi

HANGOR Submarines construction started in Karachi Shipyard & Engineering (KSEW) Works Dockyard.

The KS&EW staged a steel cutting ceremony for the Pakistan Navy’s Warship No. 5 of the Hangor Class of Guided Missile Attack Submarines. Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi, the Pakistan Navy’s Chief of Naval Staff, was present during the ceremony. The Pakistan Navy is getting eight AIP-equipped guided missile attack submarines built by KS&EW and Wuchang Shipbuilding, with the first four already under construction in Wuhan and one in Karachi, where three more will begin.


HANGOR Submarine

Type 039B is the third member of the Type 039A series, and it looks exactly like the Type 039AG from which it evolved.

In China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy, the Type 039A submarine (Yuan class) is a diesel-electric submarine class. It is China’s first AIP-powered submarine, and one of the quietest diesel-electric submarine classes currently in service.

The Type 039A has four diving planes and a single big shaft, similar to the Type 039 (Song class). A pair of foreplanes are located in the sail’s center.

The submarine is equipped with cabin-raft (shock absorber) technology that was developed in-house. To lessen the possibility of discovery, the submarine is also covered with rubber anti-sonar protective tiles.

Six 533 mm (21 in) torpedo tubes are fitted to the Type 039A. These can be used to launch Russian-made torpedoes as well as domestic torpedoes like the Yu-6.

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