Pakistan Supreme Court welcomes Ayesha Malik as the first female judge

In Pakistan, the Judicial Commission has appointed Ayesha Malik as the new judge of the Pakistan Supreme Court. Malik will be the first female judge in Pakistan’s judiciary. This was reported by Dawn, the largest English-language newspaper in Pakistan, this afternoon.

With a narrow majority of five to four votes, Malik makes history as the first female judge within the Pakistan Supreme Court. Previously, she was a judge at the High Court of Lahore, a major city in the east of the country.

Back in September, the judicial committee met to discuss Malik’s nomination, but became divided and suspended the meeting. The Pakistan Bar Council, the highest association for judges in Pakistan, also opposed Malik’s entry than on the grounds of alleged “violations of the seniority principle.”

But according to the organization Women in Law Pakistan, this is an empty argument, as 41 others have been elected to the Supreme Court in the past without having the most seniority. Again, the Pakistan Bar Council called for widespread protest, but by a narrow margin Malik was elected anyway.

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