Pakistan to export mobile phones to Afghanistan, Central Asian Republics and Africa

Adbul Razak Dawood, the Prime Minister’s Adviser on Commerce and Investment, said on Wednesday that Pakistan had achieved “great success” in mobile phone manufacture in 2021, with local output surpassing imports for the first time, and that the country was now looking to expand into exports.

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“I would say that our whole venture into manufacturing mobile phones has been a big success,” Dawood, adviser to the Prime Minister for commerce, said in an interview

By June 2023, the Mobile Device Manufacturing Policy 2020 established a target of 49 percent localization, including 10% localization of motherboard parts and 10% localization of batteries.

“We’ve devised a policy for mobile phone assembly on the ground… “We’re currently aiming to become a world-class mobile phone assembler,” Dawood stated. “Right now, we’re working on low-end mobile phone sets, but we hope to be able to move into high-end phones with world-class corporations shortly.”

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Pakistan is seeking exports to regional countries and Africa, he said, after reaching a manufacturing milestone. We have started on an export journey, one or two containers have already moved out of the country. Our strategy is to get our mobile phone exported on a sustainable basis, ” Dawood said.

“Our strategy is that we export to Afghanistan, the Central Asian Republics and to Africa and as we become more and more experienced, we would be diversifying into the higher end market. We’re hopeful that [we can do this on a] sustainable basis sometime this year, 2022.”

Pakistan’s mobile phone imports increased by 51 percent to over $2 billion during the last fiscal year while the import bill increased by 18 percent during the current fiscal year, July-November 2021, according to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.

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