Pakistan to send two C-130 planes with humanitarian assistance including medicines, food and relief goods to Ukraine

Pakistan Ukraine

Pakistan has decided to send two C-130 planes carrying humanitarian aid such as medicines, food and relief goods to Ukraine via Poland.

The federal cabinet has approved the Rs 60 million humanitarian aid summary via circulation. 

“Pakistan’s humanitarian assistance for Ukraine will be transported through two C-130 aircraft to Ukraine via the Polish capital Warsaw,” said sources.

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As per the foreign ministry summary, it was proposed to send aid to Ukraine including 100 tents, 500 blankets, 500 mattresses, 30 generators of 3.5kV, 2,500 soap bars, 995 hand wash bottles and about 1,990 packs of 250 million sanitizers each. 

As per the summary, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) will send soap, hand wash, and sanitizers. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has directed NDMA to send food to Ukraine as well.

These items would be dispatched immediately through a special flight of C-130 aircraft.

The NDMA would also arrange procurement of medicines and canned food items — mostly ready-to-eat meals — and send them to Ukraine through another C-130 in a couple of days.

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The decision which seems like a balancing act had been taken on the request of the Ukrainian embassy in Islamabad for humanitarian assistance.

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