Pakistani company (Tesla Industries) launches 1st multi-purpose Electric Vehicle

In Pakistan, a private firm collaborated with Tesla Industries to produce the first electric commercial vehicle (ECV). According to the company website an 11-seater minibus and a freight truck capable of delivering up to a tonne were presented in a ceremony.

Why are Electric Vehicles (EVs) so Expensive?


  1. 11-Seater Minibus
  2. Multi-purpose Electric vehicle
  3. Cargo Space
  4. Super fast and Slow Charging (3/7.5 kW)
  5. Regenerative Braking
  6. Good Mileage
  7. Cost-Effective
  8. ABS brakes
  9. LED Headlights
  10. Fog Lights

A solar charging station and AC chargers for Electric Commercial Vehicles (ECVs) were also on display. During the ceremony, the company’s top executives stressed the importance of electric vehicles in the face of rising gasoline prices and significant rises in air pollution. The company website have shown a complete plan regarding the Solar panels system on the roofs and charging stations for Electric Charging.

In addition, the authorities encouraged the Imran Khan-led administration to act on the original policy document rather than amending it repeatedly if it wants electric vehicles to be on the roads within the next decade.

MG Motors Pakistan unveiled fully-electric MG Marvel R SUV in Pakistan

Previously, the prime minister advocated for the gradual replacement of gasoline-powered vehicles with electric ones. Meanwhile, the government has unveiled a new Auto Industry Development and Export Policy (AIDEP 2021-26) that includes a reduction in sales tax on domestic electric vehicles (EVs).

Toyota says investing $100 million to locally produce hybrid electric vehicles in Pakistan

Small automobiles, localization, incentivizing the introduction of new products in tractors and motorbikes, consumer protection, and the promotion of new technology are all goals of the new policy.

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