Pakistanis can now stay in UAE on long term basis without a sponsor or employer

UAE sponsor

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have announced an attractive list of new entry visas and residency permits that will not require a sponsor to enter the country. The focus is to attract freelancers, visitors and UAE retired personnel to visit UAE without facing any visa problems caused by sponsorship issues in the past.

This move will benefit the local job market as well as attract more families to make the Emirates their permanent home. Previously the sponsorship was among the big issues for workers and job finders in the UAE as it made the visitor dependant on the sponsor for job and stay in UAE.

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The new changes are addressed via the amendments in the Golden Visa, Green Visa, a special visa for job seekers, and humanitarian residency permits. These new reforms, which represent one of the most significant changes to the visa residency system in recent years, will go into effect in coming months. It will help a big chunk of people who will be eligible to go to UAE and to stay there for longer duration without a sponsor.

The residency permits listed below do not require a UAE sponsor or employer. The UAE has yet to officially begin accepting applications for the newly announced permits. A big number of people are currently focusing on freelancing and work from home option which will now be possible without having a sponsor.

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Different UAE visa types not requiring a sponsor

Here is a list of different visa options that can be availed without worrying about the sponsor.

  • The Golden Visa
  • A Green Residence for a Freelance Photographer (self-employment)
  • Green Housing for Skilled Workers
  • Investors Interested in a Green Residence
  • Permission to work from home
  • Residency after retirement
  • Residence of real estate owners
  • Multiple-entry tourist visa for five years

People who have worked in the UAE for decades want to return after retirement. As a result, Green Visas and residency permits for retirees that do not require sponsorship will allow them to make the UAE their second home for the rest of their lives. The new visas are intended to promote the UAE as a second home destination for expats, allowing them to stay in the country after serving 20 or 30 years.

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A number of Pakistanis will be eligible for the this retirement visa as they have been serving in UAE for decades. After the new regulations the trade licences will not require a sponsor to start a business. The eligible citizens can own a 100% stake in a company on the mainland and obtain a residency permit.

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