Pakistan’s first Artificial Intelligence lab under CPEC nears completion

Artificial Intelligence lab

Pakistan’s first state-of-the-art artificial intelligence laboratory is getting developed under CPEC at National University of Science and Technology (NUST) and according to sources 75% work on it is been completed while the equipment installation is almost 100% finished.

At the beginning of this year, the laboratory under CPEC-Qingluan Artificial Intelligence Laboratory was officially established at NUST, with joint efforts of NUST and Guangzhou Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research, development and customization is currently underway. “I would say work is almost finished to 75%,” Muhammad Khubaib Shabbir, Deputy Director of China Study Center of NUST said.

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The artificial intelligence lab developed under CPEC has been put into full use, both students and teaching staff are keen on researching Pattern and Facial Recognition algorithms.

“Currently, Cogniser-V1 intelligent video analysis project-a pilot project with the Government of Pakistan, and a commercial project, namely GymBot are the main projects that are under development,” Muhammad Khubaib Shabbir revealed.

“Ideally, Cognizer-V1 is one of the most sophisticated surveillance equipment, which has
the capability of converting ordinary cameras and surveillance equipment into a Smart Equipment, using Al and Computer Vision Algorithms,” Muhammad Khubaib Shabbir said.

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“To put it simple, the Cognizer-V1 has the ability to sense the people who are lurking around in certain areas and generate warnings, regarding dangerous behavioral patterns such as suicide, or other suspicious activities,” Muhammad Khubaib Shabbir said. 

“It is important to keep in mind that Guangzhou Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences has shared the source code for ‘GymBot’. This enabled the researchers from Pakistan to get first-hand experience of the latest results on AI developments and offered them a chance to learn from it, enhance it and make it more usable for the local community. This will most definitely open new doors of opportunities for Pakistanis.”

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