UN report praises Pakistan’s Ten Billion Tree Tsunami for leading the way in ecosystem restoration

ecosystem restoration

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) praised Pakistan’s efforts to increase ecosystem restoration, claiming that the country was leading global efforts in this regard with its Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Project (TBTTP).

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According to the report titled “Pakistan’s Ten Billion Tree Tsunami leading the way in ecosystem restoration decade”, Almost a year into the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, Pakistan is demonstrating what is possible by advancing its Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Project (TBTTP).

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The ambitious project, which aims to revitalize Pakistan’s forest and wildlife resources as well as provide a slew of other advantages, planted 1.42 billion trees between 2019 and December 2021, covering 1.36 million acres across nearly 10,000 sites.

In the report UNEP’s Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific, Dechen Tsering said, “Large scale restoration initiatives such as The Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Project are central to Pakistan’s efforts to support the UN Decade and to increase ecosystem restoration”. He further added, “We are at a point in history where we need to act, and Pakistan is leading on this important effort.”

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According to a UN Development Programme (UNDP) report, Pakistan is especially vulnerable to increased monsoon variability, receding Himalayan glaciers, and extreme events such as floods and droughts. As a result, there will be an increase in food and water insecurity.

It is a problem that the Pakistani government is aware of and is working hard to address. In addition to the TBTTP, the government has committed to increasing its Protected Areas to 15% by 2023. In 2018, they were at 12%; by mid-2021, they would be at 13.9%.

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“The Ten Billion Tree Tsunami is not only helping restore ailing ecosystems and improve natural capital; it is also supporting livelihoods. The project is expected to create jobs for almost 85,000 daily wagers. In addition, Pakistan’s protected areas initiative will create almost 7,000 long-term jobs,” the article concluded.

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