Pakistan’s Jolta Electric sold 10,000 bikes and saved 1,915,574 kg of CO2 emission

Jolta Electric

Jolta Electric is Pakistan’s first approved and locally assembled electric bike. The company recently stated that 10,000 units were sold in the previous year and it have saved 1,915,574 KG of CO2 emission.

Jolta Electric began its activities by personalizing Pakistan’s most popular motorcycle, the 70cc. In place of an engine, the company introduced their device with an electric hub motor and battery pack.

Rs. 1.5 Billion allocated to introduce Electric Vehicles, Renewable energy and low carbon technologies in Pakistan

The Jolta E bike, according to Jolta Electric, is far safer for the environment and more cost effective for the average user than a typical gasoline-powered vehicle. The Ebike has a simple design and mechanicals that are similar to the 70cc bikes made locally. As a result, parts are simple to replace and inexpensive.

Jolta Electric have different products

  1. Jolta E Bike JE 70 D Price Rs. 89,500
  2. Jolta E Bike JE – 70D – SE Price Rs. 93,500
  3. Jolta JE Scooty Price Rs. 110,000
  4. Jolta JE Cycle Price Rs. 43,500

Unlike other parts of the world where electric car infrastructure is more readily available, our market is extremely competitive; we still lack electric charging stations in Pakistan, and overall acceptance is low. When you combine that with a higher sale price, Jolta Electric has done a fantastic job, and we appreciate it!

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched Pakistan’s first ever locally manufactured electric motorcycle, Jolta Electric in a ground breaking ceremony on Thursday 8th July 2021. Speaking at a ceremony in Islamabad, the prime minister called the launch of the electric motorcycle a futuristic step.

Jolta’s energy efficient electric bikes come in various models and they can be charged overnight with other features such as no clutch and gear and low maintenance. Jolta E-Bikes have different speed specifications from 10 to 60 kilometres per hour and can cover a distance after full charge from 60 to 100 kilometres.

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