Pakistan’s new digital policy to add 1 million digitally skilled workers to the workforce by 2030

Digital Policy

The new Digital Pakistan Policy intends to raise the number of IT-skilled persons in Pakistan by one million. By 2025, the program intends to increase IT exports to $30 billion by 2030.

The new Digital Policy will encourage cloudification by moving all government services to the cloud, and ensure that every citizen has internet access.

According to the new policy, the government would work to promote innovative technology in Pakistan in order to gain a substantial global market share.

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It intends to offer significant advantages to international firms interested in establishing innovation, research and development, and support centers in Pakistan.

The government will work to ensure that mandated data sharing structures and services are in place within government entities.

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It would also work to improve Pakistan’s performance in every ICT index and promote ICT in the areas of health, agriculture, governance, the judiciary, rural development, and financial services.

The policy also intends to increase e-literacy in every household. Pakistan will work to establish itself as a global technological center for the growth of IT/IET services.

According to the text, the administration wants to improve international avenues for partnership and collaboration.

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The new approach intends to improve efficiency, openness, accountability, reliability, and decision-making by incorporating ICT into all government functions. The strategy also states that steps would be taken to ensure Pakistan’s cyberspace remains secure.

The new policy focuses on e-government, ICT infrastructure, human resource development, innovation and entrepreneurship, IT development and export.

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