Peshawar BRT is expanding its fleet with 86 news buses due to high usage

Peshawar BRT

TransPeshawar or Peshawar BRT is adding 86 new buses to its fleet due to high usage which will grow to 244 buses after their arrival.

Around 250,000 commuters are using the Peshawar Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) service every day in Peshawar. Following an increase in utilization of the public transport service, TransPeshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) has decided to add 86 new buses to its present fleet. “The ridership has already crossed 250,000 daily passengers, 25% of them are females,” according to TransPeshawar’s official Twitter page.

The BRT spokesperson stated that with the increase of commuters, the TransPeshawar with proactive approach increased the duration of Express Route Nos 1 & 9 and increased the duration of Stopping Route No 8 to accommodate a maximum number of passengers.

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He said that system is serving people with 158 environment-friendly buses and with 9 commuter need-based routes 16 hours a day. Now the number of buses is needed to be increased and plane is to procure 58 more busses making the total count 244. It will help meet the requirements of the commuters on different routes in Peshawar.

The new bus route will run from Saddar to Pishtakhara after receiving authorization from the Cantonment Board, and the other route will run from Pir Zakori Bridge to Malak Saad Station Firdous, with the new route being notified based on KP Urban Mobility Authority directives.

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Taimur Khan Jhagra, the Finance and Health Minister, informed the media about the development in March, noting that the government has emphasized the improvement of public transportation. He went on to say that six more feeder lines have been approved to help the people.

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