Plastic bottles and empty milk boxes from garbage used to make furniture

Plastics is one of the most disposed off material and is leading pollutant in the world. Plastic takes ages to get decomposed and it causes the destruction of natural environment and natural habitat. So many creatures in water and on land are getting affected by the plastic bottles and other materials.

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Plastics is now being recycled to make roads and also usable items. Few months back Coca Cola have collabrated with CDA to make a recycled plastic road in Islamabad.

Now in Lahore a factory is working on recycling plastic and other recyclable items to make daily usage furniture. Plastics disposed off on regular basis is gathered and will be recycled. According to the factory, they will do the recycling of empty plastic bottles and milk cartons in Lahore to produce useful items, including furniture, has raised hopes of overcoming environmental pollution.

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The Lahore factory is making furniture from empty beverage bottles, milk cartons and other plastic items. Owner of the recycling plant, said that the plastic produced by this method is as good as the new plastic. Now they are also working on making energy from garbage.

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The federal government has decided to promote plastic recycling in the country. It will be a good step by government to support such factories which can recycle such plastic and bring it into use.

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