PM Imran Khan address to the Nation, Important points.

The Prime Minister’s Imran Khan message to the nation comes after Putin announced that his nuclear forces were on high alert in response to what he dubbed “unfriendly” Western actions.

Important points of the speech:

  1. PM Imran Khan discussed Pakistan’s foreign Policy (after visiting China and Russia) of Pakistan. Independent foreign policy was discussed for the benefit of Pakistan. He also discussed that foreign policy was not right to become ally of USA and getting impacted badly by the War on terror. Also Read: Prime Minister Imran Khan launches Special Technology Zones in Haripur
  2. PM Imran Khan said that Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari’s Foreign Policy have costed a lot and 400+ drone attacks were carried out in Pakistan. Also that corrupt leaders have impact on Foreign policies.
  3. PM Imran Khan said that Russia visit was important to handle the wheat shortage issues.
  4. PM Imran Khan said that China visit will prosper the CPEC projects which will help Pakistan economy.
  5. PM Imran Khan said that Independence of Media is important but there should be limits to it. The PECA law will help handle fake news and other controversial content on Social Media. Also read: Prime Minister Imran Khan launches Special Technology Zones in Haripur
  6. PM Imran Khan said Corona hit hard the already crippling economy of Pakistan. The lockdown have impact the world economies and the prices of commodities increased.
  7. PM Imran Khan quoted Economic Magazine, world bank, WHO and others to defend the performance of Pakistan in difficult times.
  8. PM Imran Khan also said the Pakistan have almost eradicated POLIO in Pakistan and mentioned that Ehsaas Program is really successful. Climate change and Pakistan’s effort were also pointed.
  9. PM said the remittances have increased in the past few years and Exports have increased during PTI government. PTI government have increased tax collection in the past few years. Also read: Multibillion-dollar gas pipeline project was focus of Putin-Khan meeting
  10. PM Imran Khan said that wheat, rice, sugar cane and corn crops have increased in the past few years. Farmers have prospered because of the timely payments and purchasing.
  11. PM Imran Khan welcomed companies to invest in Pakistan to contribute to the economy.
  12. PM Reduced the prices of Petrol and Diesel by Rs.10 from today onwards.
  13. PM reduced the prices of Electricity by Rs.5 per unit till next budget.
  14. Internships for graduates issued.
  15. Scholarships for students on PM portal announced.

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